Five news websites that we loved (again) in 2016

Votantes de Hillary Clinton

We propose a tour around some of the digital native websites that in 2016 are setting the standard in content design.

  1. The Intercept

    The web launched in 2014 by Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill smells to pure investigative journalism. Dressed as a blog, with details reminiscent of Wikileaks cables, it is certainly a media to follow in 2017 (also because they have the necessary funds from Ebay founder Pierre Omidyar).The Intercept
  2. Quartz
    Nothing new under the sun. The media site that killed the home page is still a benchmark, both in its minimalist graphic approach and its commitment to a content agenda that does not consider readers to be stupid.Quartz
    The best surprise in digital media design in Spain came from El Nacional, led by the dormer director of La Vanguardia, José Antich, and Mark Porter (former Art Director at The Guardian).El Nacional
    One more year, a digital magazine example: close to the present but without breaking news; a good mix of contents; a powerful graphic edition; a vanguard home
    A newsroom without schedules and where each journalist writes about what seems most important to him that day could be chaos. But it is not. Vox content offering and home page edition are among the best of the internet.Vox

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